Cedar Suit Hanger "Deluxe"

Price :$10.95

Our Deluxe Cedar Suit Hanger has a streamlined shape that keeps your suits and jackets in shape and gives them a freshly pressed appearance. This hanger has a wide shoulder design that gives your clothes a fresh, crisp look. Made from 100% all natural aromatic cedar hardwood, this hanger comes with a sturdy dowel that can be used to hang your pants, trousers, and slacks firmly in place. Let the fresh aroma of cedar float around your closet giving your clothes a forest fresh scent while keeping your wardrobe moth free!

  • Width : 2"
  • Finish : 100% All Natural Aromatic Red Cedar
  • Hardware : Chrome
  • Length : 17-1/2"
  • Additional Details : Semi-Contoured Shape

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