Trying to find wood skirt hangers


Barbara:  A few years ago I purchased some wood skirt hangers, not sure if it was from your store, but I’m trying to find some more. I’m only finding 14″ long hangers but the ones I currently have are 11″ long.  Do you have any of these?  


The Hanger Guy: You are looking for the 11″ wood skirt hangers. We offer these in walnut or natural.  Which would you like?

Barbara: The natural.

The Hanger Guy: The link to the hanger you are looking for is:

Barbara:     Thank you!

Barbara:    Do you know if you have these in stock?

The Hanger Guy:    Yes they are in stock.

Perfect. Thanks again.    Have a nice day.

The Hanger Guy:     Thank you! And let us know if you have any other questions.