YeeHaw… Home Repair & Improvement – Redneck Style!

Not everyone thinks the same when it comes to home improvement projects and repair jobs around the house. Some of us are such perfectionists that we won’t even try to repair or build anything at home without calling in the experts first. Others that are little more handy, the DIY types will read as much as they can on the project and tackle it themselves. But the group I want to talk about today are in a class of their own. These guys take on home improvement projects in ways most homeowners could never imagine. Take a look at our top ten home improvement and u-fix-it projects around the house….Redneck Style!


10) Awning Repair

Crutches holding up awning

What better way to use those old crutches that have been lying around the house for years since junior broke his leg when he jumped off the tractor!






9) DIY Home A/C Installation

Redneck ac install

Ah… those hot summer nights are going to feel so much better now with our new air conditioning. Surprisingly quick installation too!






8) Porch Swing Installation

car seat porch swing
Who wouldn’t like to relax on the front porch in comfort with a newly installed porch swing!






7) Front Step Repair

redneck starir repair
Much better! I’ve been meaning to get that fixed for a long time!






6) Home Alarm Installation

redneck alarm

Nothing makes one feel more secure at night than knowing that you’re safe and sound after you have installed a home alarm system!






5) New Pool Installation

redneck swimming pool

Nothing like a hot summer afternoon relaxing in your very own new swimming pool!  Grab a beer and hop in. No diving allowed though!






4) New Bathroom Fixtures Installed

redneck bathroom fixture

Love what you’ve done with the bathroom! And so much drawer space too!






3) Sprinkler System Installation

Redneck sprinkler system

Keeping your lawn green and healthy all year long can be easier than you think if a quality irrigation system is installed at your home.






2) Lawn Mower Repair

redneck lawn mower repair

Now that the sprinkler system is installed it’s a good thing we fixed the wheel on the mower!






1) Custom Audio Video Installation


Yes! Feel like you’re right there in the movie theater and all from the comfort of your own bed!






Now after all of those home repair projects around the house are done, it’s time to relax a little. So call in the baby sitter….

redneck babysitter


And go out and have some fun!





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