6 Hacks for Organizing Handbags in the Most Efficient Manner

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Nothing makes women happier than hearing compliments like “Wow! What a beautiful bag” or “cute bag, good choice.” For most women, handbags are a lot more than just carriers to keep all their essentials when on the go. They are an integral part of women’s personalities, an accessory that must complement their style. A handbag is an accessory to flaunt with confidence.

Handbags range from big and small, delicate and sturdy, and are available in a wide range of colors. While handbags keep your best essentials safely, storing them can be quite a daunting task. For girls who are hopelessly in love with handbags and have plenty of them, keeping the bags properly can be a conundrum.

Fret not! Here are 6 great hacks that help you organize your handbags efficiently without taking a lot of space.

1. Hook Them on Rods and Rings

Install hooks or rings on your wardrobe rods and hang your bags on them for better storage and easy accessibility. Suspending your handbags vertically allows them to retain their shape. Their handle space is compromised and they lose shape when they’re stacked against each other. Hanging the bags not only allows them to stay in their intended shape, but also offers convenience. If your wardrobe doesn’t have space, you may use tension rods to hang the bags on rings or loops.

2. Consider Over-the-Door Organizers

Store your handbags with panache. Why keep them jammed in the closet when you can stylishly store them with the help of over-the-door organizer? These over-the-door handbag organizers are chic, occupy less space, can be hung in any room, and are inexpensive. If you do not have over-the-door organisers, you may opt for belt hangers. Although essentially made to hang belts, a lot of people use them to hang their bags as well. Opt for the special variety of cedar hangers. These hangers not only provide a wonderful cedar scent, but also absorb moisture and repel moths (great for your leather bags). If you feel that your cedar hanger’s aroma is fading away, rub it gently with sandpaper to renew the scent.

3. Bins for Wallets and Clutches

Imagine how organised your clutches and wallets can be if you store them in beautiful fabric bins. This way they will be easily accessible, and you can also keep the bin wherever you like. For better protection, you can store your handbags in boxes. Plastic containers with lids come in handy for storing expensive and large leather bags that require more care. You can store the bags in boxes and bins without compromising their shape. They can be placed anywhere under the bed, in the loft, or underneath the wardrobe.

4. Bring Unused Lofts to Good Use

Mostly, the space above doors of rooms or above the wardrobe does not serve as an intelligent storage option. However, this fallow space can be used efficiently to store handbags. Often, the loft boarding isn’t built for very heavy objects and, therefore, handbags are perfect to be kept on them. Lofts are especially common in smaller homes and can be the ideal place for storing your prized possessions. Perk up the storage space with colourful décor and your very own handbag storage is ready to flaunt.


5. Utilizing Behind-the-Door Space

That awkward space behind the door that never really made an impression can be intelligently used for installing recessed shelving and storing your colorful handbags. Decorate the wall with a wallpaper to accentuate its look and your very own customized handbag storage space is ready. If you don’t have a lot of space behind the door, you may use the back of the door for your handbag storage. Simply fix some beautiful hooks on the door and hang your bags roguishly.

6. Re-Purposing Coat Racks

Most homes have an entryway staple- the coat rack. But who said you can only have one and that too only to hang coats? Coat racks are not just coat hangers, they can be so much more, especially to your handbags. Place the coat hanger in any corner of your room and hang all the handbags stylishly on it. By hanging purses on coat racks, you have instant access to your bags, and you can easily switch items from one bag to another without practically holding any of them. Also, colourful bags add a dash of vivacity to the room.


The handbag that initially started out as a simple pouch to carry essential items such as keys and money has now developed into a sophisticated fashion accessory, and women can’t do without. Handbags complete women’s look. Women always appreciate the perfect purse that complements their style and enhances their oomph quotient. Storing handbags properly is also extremely important as most of them come with huge price tags and when stored neatly, they can continue to complement your personality for years.

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