Juniors Wooden Suit Hanger w/Clips 14"

Price :$39.95

This is the perfect size hanger for older children, pre-teens and juniors. These hangers come with a polished chrome swivel hook and notched shoulders for the option of hanging straps. Adjustable pant/skirt clips have clear non-marking soft padded rubber cushions. These hangers are double coated in clear lacquer to prevent splintering and for increased durability. This size hanger works well with older children between the approximate ages of ten thru early teenage years.

  • Finish : Clear Natural Lacquer
  • Hardware : Adjustable Pant/Skirt Clips
  • Length : 14"
  • Thickness : 7/16"
  • Clips/Hooks : Chrome Swivel Hook
  • Additional Details : Note:This hanger size is also popular with some adults looking for something slightly smaller than our "petite" sized hangers.

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