Slimline Linen (Off White) Kids Hanger

Price :$5.95

While supplies last we are offering this line of linen colored children's 12" slimline hangers below cost. These hangers are priced to sell in order to make room for new arrivals. Children's slimline hangers are the ultimate space saving hangers. Their slim 1/8" wide size creates up to 50% more space in the closet than plastic or wooden hangers. And their soft velvety non-slip surface will help keep your little ones clothes from slipping off the hanger. Sold in packs of (10) hangers.

  • Finish : Soft, velvet non-slip finish
  • Length : 12"
  • Clips/Hooks : Chrome Hook
  • Package Quantity : Sold in Packs of (10) Hangers

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