Flat Wooden Suit Hanger w/Non-Slip Bar (Walnut/Brass)

Price :$43.95

This rich walnut and brass flat wooden suit hanger comes with a clear ribbed vinyl sleeve over  the pant bar. The vinyl sleeve is an added feature to help in preventing pants from slipping off the bar. These hangers also come with notched shoulders for the added option of hanging garments with straps. This hanger is an excellent all around choice for hanging suits, tops and pants. Sold in Bundles of 25, Half Boxes of 50 and Full Boxes of 100 hangers.

  • Finish : Walnut
  • Length : 17"
  • Thickness : 1/2"
  • Clips/Hooks : Brass Hook
  • Additional Details : Notched Shoulders; Clear Vinyl Non-Slip Sleeve

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