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Women's clothing needs special care. Standard hangers aren't always enough to protect dresses and women's suits from damage. Women's suits can have a lot of different necklines, different shoulder structure, and can be made of finer fabrics than your average clothing. Choosing the right hangers for your suits can help you to avoid ironing. They can also help you to avoid stretching out the necks of your clothes. They can grip your slippery fabrics so that they don't fall. They can support the shape of the back and shoulders of your suits, protecting the investment that you've made in your wardrobe. Use this guide to decide which hangers will be best for your suits and work clothes.

Foam Padded Hangers

Our Metal Foam Padded Hangers help you to avoid shoulder bumps and keep fine fabrics from slipping. These hangers have an added hook for keeping coordinating accessories, such as belts and scarves, with the suit they belong to.


Protect Your Suits and Dresses with Women's Hangers, Petite Hangers and Specialty Hangers


Petite Sized Hangers

Petite hangers are a must for women of petite sized suits. You'll love our Petite Flat Suit Hangers and our Petite Flat Top Hangers. At only 15.5" long, these little beauties are sure not to pucker the shoulders or stretch the backs of your precious petite suits.

Space Saving Suit Hangers

Our Metal Lingerie Hangers are great for women's dress clothes because they're only 16" long. They have deep insets to hold the straps of your dresses and the shoulder shape to support jackets and blazers. The super slim design helps you to save space in your closet.

Do you prefer a non-slip hanger? Check out the super strong Non-Slip Coated Steel Hangers. The shoulder shape is perfect for tailored outfits and they still save a lot of space in the closet. Our Slim-Line Shirt Hangers are also great for saving space. The velvet coating holds your dress shirts and tops exactly where you want them so that re-ironing is never a possibility.

Z-Hangers for Small Necks

Avoid damaging dresses and tops with smaller neck holes by using the revolutionary Z-Hanger. This incredible design allows you to insert the hanger through the neck and into the shoulder without stretching or tearing the fabric. Check out all the different kinds of Z-Hangers that we offer. We carry Luxury Velvet Z-HangersEarth Friendly Bamboo Z-HangersSatin Padded Z-HangersDurable Plastic Z-Hangers, and Wooden Z-Hangers in Natural and Walnut.