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Collection: Metal Hangers

Our high-quality Metal Hanger collection is far superior to any wire hanger you’ve ever used. They’re sleek, slim, durable, and will help you save tons of space in your closet.

Check out our non-slip vinyl covered hangers to keep finer garments from slipping off onto the floor. We also have vinyl covered multi-pant metal hangers for saving even more space in the closet. open ended metal pant hangers make hanging and removing pants easy.

If you’re looking to save even more space in the closet, check out the revolutionary metal wonder hangers. Easily hang multiple garments while utilizing your vertical space. You can also save closet space by using our bedspread and drapery hangers to get sleeping bags, quilts, table cloths, curtains, sheets, and blankets off of the shelf.

We carry salesman's hangers that can be connected together with a metal diaper pin rod, holding everything still for transport in a garment bag. The metal drop hanger attachment can be connected to display your coordinating tops and bottoms.

Anti-theft hangers are perfect for hotels and businesses that need to supply a place for clients and guests to hang their coats.

Would you like to give your closet or boutique a vintage feel? Check out our decorative metal clothes hangers. You’ll love our antique gold vintage style decorative hangers and boutique accessories to beautifully and simply decorate your closet or retail store.