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Your dresses probably represent the biggest investment you've made in your wardrobe. Protecting that investment could be as easy as choosing the correct hangers to hang them on. Choosing the right hangers for dresses is not that difficult, but there are a few things to consider, such as the fabric, shoulder or bodice structure, weight of the dress, and how long you plan on storing the dress between uses. Use this dress hanger guide to help you make the right choices when it comes to your dress wardrobe.

Securing Straps and Maintaining Structure

Our Combination Hangers with Clips are great for most dresses. They have slots for small hanging straps and clips for dress liners, slips, and securing slippery fabrics. These hangers are flat, so they are best for saving space and hanging dresses that do not have a molded bodice or elaborate ornamental designs. Formal dresses with these attributes can better hold their shape if they're hung on a curved dress hanger and are not stored tightly up against other articles of clothing. Use our Rubber Foam Display Hangers for oddly shaped dresses, wedding dresses, and dresses with molded shoulders and sleeves. They extend to 21" in length and can be bent to fit and support any dress design.


Protect the Investment You've Made in Your Dresses

Dress Weight

Heavy dresses need heavy duty hangers. Wedding gowns, heavy satins, and dress coats can put a lot of stress on a hanger, especially over time. Wooden hangers or heavy duty unbreakable plastic hangers are generally preferred for hanging your heaviest items. Our Deluxe Cedar Hangers are 2" thick. All of our wooden dress hangers are precision crafted not to bend, splinter, snap, or lose their hook under the weight of even the heaviest wedding gowns.

Dress Size and Neck Line

Even if your dresses are all the same size, they probably have different distances between the shoulders. Measuring the neck from the top of the left shoulder to the top of the right shoulder will help you to determine the best size hanger for each of your dresses. If you have a boat neck or off the shoulder dress, you may choose to go with an Oversized Suit Hanger to hold it. Adjustable Rubber Foam Display Hangers are great for creating the shape that you need to support halter style dresses that come up around the neck. Tuck the ends underneath the arms to keep the dress from sagging. Circular Bikini Hangers are great for strapless spandex dresses that contract to 14" or less across. Z Hangers are designed to slip into very small neck holes without stretching them. Petite Hangers are perfect for dresses that have straps that rest closely together.

Choosing the right dress hangers will make taking care of your dresses easy!