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Men's clothing is often larger and needs special support from the hanger. Hangers that are too small cause collars to remain unsupported and shoulders to droop. If a hanger isn't shaped correctly, suits lose their shape and the damage is often irreversible. Only Hangers Suit Hangers are designed to properly support the molded shoulders of men's suits so you can protect your investment with proper hanging. There are a few things to consider when you're purchasing men's hangers, so use this guide to help you select the best hangers for your size and style.


Protect Your Investment in Your Wardrobe with Only Hangers Men's Hangers


Traditional suit hangers have a bar for hanging slacks and a slight curvature for supporting the back of the suit coat. Some are wide at the shoulders to help support the shape of the garment when it's hanging. Some people prefer suit hangers with a flat design to help save space in the closet. Men's wooden hangers are by far the most popular for hanging men's suits and clothing. Cedar suit hangers are the ultimate in suit care.


Men's hangers can have clips for pants. Ours feature no snag points and non-staining pads to firmly grip pants without leaving marks. Some people prefer men's wooden hangers with a locking pants bar. You can also get wood hangers with a non-slip sleeve over the pants bar.


Suit hangers for men need to be at least 17" wide. Measure across the back of the suit from shoulder seam to shoulder seam to get the exact measurement of the hanger that you need. For larger men's suits, you may want to get our 19" oversized suit hangers.

Specialty Hangers

No man's closet is complete without specialty hangers. Check out our beautiful belt hangers that feature precision crafted hooks for hanging all of your belts. The flat design insures that your belts won't take up too much closet space. We carry two different types of tie hangers. Click here to see our 17" tie hanger with polished chrome clips. Click here to see our vertical tie hanger with a wooden accent piece and space for 20 ties. You should also check out our closet accessories which include clear shoulder covers, lint rollers, shirt folding boards, size markers, commercial grade steamers, and more. Only Hangers carries the highest quality merchandise available at wholesale prices, so you can shop with confidence.