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Finding creative ways to store jewelry can help you to get organized and express your personal style. Keeping jewelry organized and safe means more than tossing it into a jewelry box. Some jewelry can be damaged if it rubs up against other kinds of jewelry. Earrings and necklaces can become tangled. Things can just be downright hard to find in a jewelry box stuffed with jewelry. Use these tips to get your jewelry organized, displayed, and safely stored in your bedroom, bathroom and closet.

Soft Stones and Pearl Care


Creative and Effective Jewelry Care and Organization Ideas from Only Hangers

Items such as pearls and opals require special care. Wooden beads and other soft items should also be cared for in a similar way. Pearls can be discolored by perspiration, body oils, and make-up, so they should always be gently cleaned before storage. Don't use soap, chlorinated water, or jewelry cleaners on pearls, as these things can actually eat through the surface of the pearl. When storing pearls, wrap them in a soft cloth or bag. Never store pearls or opals in plastic as they need exposure to humidity to keep from cracking. You shouldn't hang pearls either because the string can stretch, exposing the knots to dirt and grime. Don't ever wear pearls that have a wet string. Pearls should be laid flat and protected from other jewelry.

Jewelry Display at Home

For your other jewelry, you can get more creative. Use tacks in a cork board to hang necklaces and earrings. Use a brightly painted screen or grate to hang things from. Velvet jewelry displays, bracelet bars, neck forms, and mannequin hand displays are great for displaying jewelry at your dressing table or on a shelf. Express your personality with the display that you choose. Be creative and come up with interesting ways to display your jewelry. Not only will it stay more organized, but you'll be able to easily see what you have to choose from while you're getting ready.

Organizing Jewelry

You can organize your jewelry however you choose. You may choose to display your sets of jewelry, where you own a matching necklace, earrings, bracelet, and ring. Another option is to display only your favorites. Some people just display the earrings and necklaces that are too large for their jewelry box. You can divide jewelry into costume, dress-up, valuable, heirloom, and other categories that are relevant to you. Organize a large amount of jewelry with something like the popular Little Black Dress Jewelry Organizer. It keeps all of your valuable jewelry neatly hung and visible so that you can easily match jewelry with your outfits while you're getting ready.