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Tie Hangers

Hanging ties saves you drawer and shelf space. Ties remain wrinkle free when they're hanging on a tie hanger. We offer several tie hangers, including Vertical Tie Hangers and Horizontal Tie Hangers. The Slim-Line Tie Hanger has a unique velvet coating that keeps ties from slipping without being clipped. The flat design saves space in your closet while gently gripping your ties.

Belt Hangers

Our Belt Hangers are as durable as they are beautiful. Choose from any finish in our wooden hanger category. Hanging your belts saves drawer and shelf space while keeping everything hung visibly so that you can easily see which hanger you want to wear.


Amazing Hangers for Helping You Get Organized

Scarf Hangers

Our Scarf Hangers are very popular. They are so sleek and beautifully display your scarves. You won't even want to hide them inside the closet! Get one for each family member to hang in your coat closet. Hang delicate fabric scarves in your bedroom closet. These scarf hangers are made to last a lifetime

Large Item Hangers

Our Bedspread and Drapery Hangers are made for holding heavy blankets and comforters in your linen or bedroom closet. However, our customers have told us that they love to use theirs for hanging sleeping bags, curtains, sheets, table cloths, table runners, and any other large items that they want to keep organized. They also use our Bendable Rubber Foam Display Hanger for oddly shaped items that need to be hung.

Swimwear & Lingerie Hangers

Our Cheetah Print Satin Hangers are very popular for hanging lingerie in your closet. Lingerie and Swimwear Hangers are great for hanging wet items to dry. Metal Lingerie Hangers look great with any decor and our Satin Padded Z-Hangers are perfect for delicate items with small neck openings. Check out our amazing Circular Bikini Hangers and Glam Pant & Skirt Hangers for hanging swimwear and lingerie in style!

Boot Hangers

Our Single Clip Boot Hanger is perfect for hanging boots on a low bar in your closet.

Hangers for Saving Space

Metal Wonder Hangers are great for hanging multiple items from one spot without cascading the hangers from one another. Slim-Line Shirt & Pant Hangers help you double or triple the space in your closet! You've got to check them out!

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