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Women's clothing is often too small, too delicate, or too slippery for just any hanger. Here at, we have a wide variety of hangers specifically designed for delicates, lingerie, petite sized clothing, and women's sized clothing. Our women's dress hangers are hands down the best in the business. Choose the right hangers for women and avoid pooched shoulders, stretched necks, and damage to your wardrobe.


Learn how to choose the right hangers for women's clothing, lingerie, and swimwear.

Wooden Hangers

We carry Petite Sized Suit Hangers and Petite Sized Top Hangers in a Natural & Chrome finish, as well as a Walnut & Chrome finish.

Plastic Hangers

We have a variety of bra/panty, lingerie plastic hangers, as well as plastic hangers perfect for petite sized or women's clothing. Check out our Plastic Shaper Hangers. The 10", 12" and 15" sizes are great for women's clothes and dresses.

Metal Hangers

We have Metal Lingerie HangersPadded Metal Dress Hangers , and Non-Slip Metal Hangers that are just the right size for women's clothing.

Satin Hangers

Satin Hangers are beautiful and extremely gentle on your delicates. Use them for whatever needs extra-special care in your closet.

Glam Hangers

Glam Hangers are beautiful beaded hangers. The design is based on a French decorative concept. You just have to see them!

Slim-Line Hangers

Slim-Line Hangers are velvet hangers designed to save space. They are perfect for making the most of a small closet and they keep women's slippery fabrics from slipping and ending up on the floor.

Z Hangers

Z Hangers have a revolutionary design. You can slip them far into the neck of a garment so that the other side easily slips into even the smallest neck openings without stretching them.

Specialty Hangers

Hang your swimwear on our Circular Bikini Hanger . Organize your flip-flops and sandals with our Sandal Hangers . You can even hang your boots with our handy Chrome Clip Hangers . We also have hangers for scarves and belts, as well as adjustable hangers that you can adjust to meet your every need.

Hanger Accessories

Choose hanger accessories that help you to organize different sizes of clothing and convert hangers that slip into non-slip hangers. Piggy Back Hanger Attachments allow you to coordinate outfits and save space in your closet. Clear Poly Shoulder Covers and Flap-Over Garment Bags let you protect dresses and suits that you don't use very often.