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We are opening a new bridal store in Charlotte and were wondering which hangers you recommend for bridal gowns and wedding dresses? We need the hanger to be very strong.

We offer a variety of choices depending on preference and budget. My first recommendation would be our white wooden hangers. These hangers are strong enough to hold the weight of a bridal gown and are very elegant. If budget is an issue I think our heavyweight clear plastic coat hanger, Item # PH1170 is a good choice. These hangers are made with very strong break resistant plastic and are able to hold the weight of your wedding gowns.


I'm looking to find the best pant hanger for my closet. My closets lower hang rail is very low and the current hangers I am using hang the pants too low and they are touching the floor. Which one of your pant hangers has the shortest distance from the hook to the bottom bar where the pants hang?

This is a problem in many closets due to the hang rail being installed too low or from storage boxes, shoe racks etc. placed on the floor of the closet. The lowest profile pant hanger we sell is our Pant Hanger w/Non-Slip Bar, Item #NH305. This hanger is only 5" from the top of the hook to the bottom bar. This hanger is also available in walnut if you prefer a darker finish.


My husband is a size XXL and all of our hangers are leaving marks in the shoulders because they are too small. I have looked everywhere for a larger size hanger but can't seem to find them. Do you have something like this?

Yes we do! If you are looking for a wood hanger I would recommend our NH501 "Oversized Hanger". These hangers are 20" in width as opposed to the standard adult 17" width. The extra 3" width will help prevent the "shoulder bumps". We also carry it in a walnut finish if you prefer.


Is there such a thing as a sweater hanger? Or is it not a good idea to hang sweaters at all?

Well many people say to fold sweaters instead of hanging them so they don't stretch out but if you hang them on a wide shoulder contoured hanger there is much less risk of this happening. If I were to hang sweaters I would use our Contoured Coat Hanger Natural Finish, Item #WH409 or Contoured Deluxe Coat Hanger Walnut & Chrome, Item #WH509 extra wide coat hangers. These hangers have 2" wide shoulders and are contoured (curve shaped) to simulate the human shoulders.


What are the advantages of wood hangers?

A. Not only are wooden hangers more aesthetically appealing to the eye they do actually preserve the life of the garment over time. Wooden hangers are available in contoured shapes which mimic the human shoulders so that the garment will hang in the closet just as it would if it were being worn by a person. This will prevent shoulder bumps and stretching that can sometimes be caused by flat metal or inexpensive plastic tubular style hangers that are sold in discount stores. Wire hangers used by dry cleaners are the worst offenders of this and should immediately be changed out when hanging up your clothing.


What is the difference between a coat hanger and a regular hanger?

A. Typically regular hangers are not made as strong as a coat hanger. We use heavier gauge plastic for our plastic coat hangers and thicker, wider shoulders in our wooden coat hangers to carry the extra weight of a winter coat or jacket.


Does a Huggable hanger mean a velvet hanger?

The "Huggable" hanger name originated from the inventor of this type of flocked non-slip style hanger about 10 years ago. It has been called many things over the years like huggable hangers, slimline hangers, velvet hangers etc. but they are all one and the same. These hangers are not really velvet covered they just have a look and feel of velvet. The actual process of covering these hangers with the non-slip coating is called "flocking". During the flocking process fine colorfast particles are attached to the plastic hanger with adhesives. These hangers are one of our most popular hangers due to their slim, space saving design and non-slip surface. At Only Hangers we call them slimline hangers.


What are those hangers that collapse so you can have more room in the closet?

Those hangers are often called Wonder Hangers. They are simply a bar with notches and a hook at each end. Once you hang your hangers on the bar, one hook can be removed from the closet rod and allowed to swing down in the vertical position. This feature allows you to utilize the vertical space in the closet thus saving nearly 50% of the closet space. This hanger was originally designed in plastic with plastic hooks however due to many consumer complaints that the hooks were breaking we decided to develop something better. About 3 years ago we introduced them in metal which is 5 times stronger than the older plastic version. People love the strength of these new metal hangers so much that they have become one of our top sellers.


What is the purpose of the two little hooks on the plastic hangers?

The little hooks on the underside of some of our plastic hangers are there to allow the use of non-slip rubber hanger strips. We sell rubber hanger strips so that silky or wide neck tops stay put on the hanger. The rubber strip hooks into the notch on the shoulder and then wraps around and hooks to the hook you are questioning on the underside of the hanger. Once hooked firmly in place on both shoulders of the hanger you are ready to hang anything on your new non-slip plastic hanger!


Our store is interested in your slimline hangers and wanted to know if we could add our logo?

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, no slimline hangers cannot be printed with your logo.