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Decorating your home with a vintage theme is fun and exciting. Thrift store finds and repurposed vintage items can make each piece as unique as you are. Here we've assembled a few ideas to get you started. Let your creativity flow and your vintage theme can be as decorative as it is functional. Have fun organizing and decorating your home at the same time.

Our Decorative Metal Clothes Hangers are a great place to start. Make your closet or coat rack unique and beautiful. Your guests will be impressed with these beautiful, ornate, vintage style hangers. Have fun with it and use them all over the house.

Vintage Style Decorative Suit Hangers from Only Hangers

Use an antique or vintage style picture frame as a chalk board or white board for keeping track of your grocery lists, appointments, and household chores. Dry erase markers work well on mirrors too, so use your imagination. You can use vintage frames for your pictures and art, of course, but you can also use them to frame shelves. You can glue them to the top of end tables that are the same size and then paint it to make a unique vintage themed table.


Vintage Frames Can Be Used for Lots of Things Around the Home

You can find vintage doorknobs at antique stores everywhere. They are especially inexpensive if they are not functioning. If you're using them to create interesting coat racks or towel racks, then you don't really need them to work, they only need to look good. Use them in your bathrooms for robes and towels. You can use them in the kitchen for your dish towel or your pot holders. Use them in the closet for organizing purses or even for hanging shoes.


Use Vintage Doorknobs for Hangers and Hooks

If you happen to have access to an antique gate, they make great headboards. You can use them in your garden for climbing plants. Hang photos or candles from them in the living room. Use them to cover a fireplace. I use mine as swinging doors on my closet that I turned into a craft room. Use your imagination and you can create anything with your vintage finds.


Antique Gates Make Great Headboards