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With Christmas almost here, you're probably all geared up to deck your house with lights, stockings, candy canes, and fake snow. While you certainly are great at making your house look wonderful with your Christmassy ideas, why don't you go a step further and make your yard and porch look just as beautiful this year?

If you're worrying about your budget and the cost of extra decorating supplies, you need to know that decorating the outside of your house needn't cost you the earth!

Read on for 5 amazing budget outdoor Christmas decoration ideas that you'll want to implement as soon as you can!


If you have a walkway leading up to your front door, light it all the way with string lights or candles. You can also use electric candles!

If you're feeling crafty, line up beer bottles along the walkway and grab some string lights. Stuff lights down a bottle and move on to the next; keep going until you're done. You may want to remove bottle labels first. Don't bother about having similar bottles-differently shaped bottles will add interest to your outdoor Christmas decor.

String lights can also be wrapped around shrubs lining your walkway. Alternatively, make balls using chicken wire and then wrap string lights around them. Novelty LED lights shaped like candy canes, Christmas trees, boots, and more will help you take your decor a notch higher!



Your front door and porch can be decorated in a number of ways as follows:

  • Color your front door red or green with some spray paint for a bold yet inviting look.
  • If your front door has clear glass panels, hang Christmas ornaments from hooks or nails fixed on the inside. You can also hang paper cut-out snowflakes or other Christmas silhouettes.
  • Hang wooden hangers on your main door one below the other and cover their arms with tinsel or burlap. Write a Christmas message on the hanger bars with paint. If your hangers don't have bars that you can write on, hang a single hanger on a hook or nail and suspend paper cut out like a scroll on it. You can write a Christmas message on the paper or the lyrics of your favorite Christmas carol!
  • Make a garland out of pom-poms, burlap, ribbons, or Christmas ornaments and use it to outline your main door. You can also use a ready-made green garland and add red ribbons and ornaments to it.
  • Make your porch look festive by leaving a bunch of things like a sled, snow boots, a basket or tub filled with pinecones and evergreen branches, and fake snowballs.
  • Hang a wreath on your front door. Making a wreath is pretty simple-you just need a wire form or cardboard cut-out depending on the type of wreath you want to make. You can make a fabulous wreath using materials like twigs, berries, ribbons, burlap, tinsel, ornaments, etc.



Planters in colors of the holiday season will add to the Christmas spirit. If you don't want to spend money on new planters, glam up old planters with green, red, and white spray paint. You can also paint snowflakes, reindeers, or Christmas tree silhouettes onto large planters. Use decals or stencils if you can't paint freehand!

Planters with letters that spell out festive words are a good option too. If you can't find such planters, make your own letters by cutting plywood or cardboard to shape. Simply spray paint in a color of your choice and affix them onto planters using wire or glue.

Once your planters are ready, grow some evergreen shrubs in them or fill them with packaging paper and place shiny Christmas ornaments on the top!



Large mason jars or glass bowls can be decked up in various ways and placed at your doorstep or along the walkway for some festive flair.

  • Fill glass jars or bowls with string lights.
  • Line glass jars or bowls with some fake snow or cotton wool and place Christmas ornaments on them.
  • Place candles in glass jars or bowls, or wine bottles.
  • Layer mason jars or glass bowls with moss and artificial snow. Add pinecones, artificial berries, and some Christmas tree branches.



If you already have a live Christmas tree, you can decorate it as you usually do each year. But if you use an artificial tree indoors, consider giving it a miss and set up a tree outdoors this year! You can also use these ideas if you're tired of decking up your live Christmas tree the same way.

  • Make a cone using flexible cardboard and trim the base. Fill it with paper and then glue the base onto a cardboard or wooden cake base. Your Christmas tree base is now ready and you can use various materials like pinecones and baubles to complete your tree-simply glue on materials one by one and decorate with string lights and a star on top!
  • Take a small bucket or planter and fill with moss or paper scraps. Arrange bottlebrush first inside to resemble frosted evergreen trees. Add fake snow and place votive candles or string lights around to complete the look.
  • Create a tree of lights using a basketball pole in the center and some gutter hooks and light stakes to hold string lights in place.



Over time, Christmas has become the season to compete with one another and spend more on decorations, gifts, parties, and other things. With the tips given here, you now know that decking up your yard and porch needn't take a toll on your budget.

So don't let Christmas stop you from enjoying with your loved ones just because you don't have the money to spend on a variety of decorations; indulge in some DIY this festive season and make the most of Christmas this year!

Happy Holidays!