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Your life changes completely after having a baby. Managing the little one and juggling household chores are tough already, which is why looking at a messed-up baby's closet can be nothing less than a nightmare.

Babies need numerous supplies and arranging them can be quite a daunting task. Their small-sized utility items are especially hard to systematize. But, the biggest challenge is to find time to organize the baby's closet.

For most of the part, you can't do anything but look helplessly at the disorganized closet and sigh! That's because you're either too busy with the baby or you know that even if you organize it today, it won't stay that way for long.

Fret no more! All this is about to change with the following easy and smart tips to organize your baby's closet, without making it a repetitive task.


The biggest and the basic task is to sort the contents of the closet. Take all the stuff out (you'll be surprised to see the several forgotten items hidden in it). Once you have everything in front of you, you can categorize the items as per occasion, utility, size, and even color and pattern. Segregate toys, baby accessories, toiletries, and the child's medical kit so that you know what you have and how much of it you need now.

The biggest chunk of items in a nursery closet are baby clothes. Some we buy out of excitement, a lot of them come as gifts, and a few we buy keeping in mind the long-term use. It's time to categorize them into 'Now,' 'Big,' and 'Too Big' categories.

Not all clothes will fit the baby now, then why stack them in the front? Labeling them appropriately will give you a clear idea of what your baby has, what more is needed, and what you shouldn't buy in the future.


"I already have too many shelves in my closet, what do I need boxes for?"

If you feel the same, think of the stacks you'll make on your shelves with the tiny clothes and all the space that'll be wasted. Imagine the two stacks getting mixed up; the messy closet will be back in no time.

Baskets or boxes (depending on the space of your closet) are neat, good looking and don't allow your clothes to get mixed. Keep separate boxes for big and small toys, a box only for undergarments, and so on. Your stack baskets need not be boring. Add vibrant colors and designs to the closet with some great storage box ideas.




Ideally, every baby closet should have a rod to hang clothes. It not only declutters your baby's wardrobe, but also saves a lot of time when you need a dress handy. Hang the clothes you need for the baby on a regular basis.

Spruce up the area with colorful clothes hangers arranged beautifully with cute baby garments. You may also use sturdy wooden hangers and add labels to them for a pepped-up look. Since baby clothes are small in size, you can also buy an extra rod to create a lower hanging bar and hang more clothes.


The back side of the door is one of the most underutilized areas of the baby's closet. Adding a few hooks or small shelves in this place will work wonders for your closet organization. Ideal to keep small, yet significant accessories nearby, the extra space on the back of the closet door is a fuss-free area that is easily accessible. It helps you with the daunting task of maximizing the space of the closet.


Every baby closet must have a give-away bin. We all know that babies grow at a phenomenal rate. The dress that looked cute on your little one once upon a time may not fit your angel now. Do not put it back on the hanger, but dump it in the give-away bin.

Although the importance of this bin is undermined, it dos save your closet from getting cluttered with waste items and keeps it organized. After all, the aim is to organize the closet once and keep it as it is for long, right?


  • If you have additional space above the closet, consider it for keeping the least-used items such as seasonal accessories, treasure chest, extra supplies, and so on.
  • Roll up towels, bathrobes, sheets, and blankets. This way, they will take less space and look neat too.
  • Every time you take something off the hanger, move it to a side. This way, all the empty hangers will be on one side and the hangers with clothes will automatically be neatly arranged.
  • If you have small hooks handy, you'll find many hidden spaces in the closet to fix them up and hang scarves, hats, and bags.
  • Diaper-changing utilities can be kept in a separate diaper caddy. This way, you'll have plenty of space left in the closet for other stuff.


It doesn't matter how big or small a baby closet you have; what matters is how efficiently you organize it. Arranging the baby's closet should not be a weekly affair. Ensure you organize it for the long-haul by utilizing the space effectively and keeping everything at their designated place. This way your baby's closet will always stay organized and you'll smile every time you open it.

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