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Post-holiday cleaning, undoubtedly, sounds like a lot of work. However, there's no escaping the how to keep home clean questions that are bound to arise in your mind. Don't let this huge chore dampen your spirits; here are 7 ways to quickly go about cleaning up your home after the holidays!

  1. Take down the lights and put them away. A simple storage trick is to wrap the strings around a tube or piece of cardboard.
  2. Put away Christmas tree ornaments and make a note of when your trash collection service will pick the tree up. Get your tree on the curb in accordance with the collection time. This will also make for easier cleaning as you won't have pine needles all over your house.
  3.  Go through all Christmas gifts and cards that you've received. Say goodbye to unwanted gifts by donating them so you don't have extra stuff in the way. Cut images from cute cards and save them for gift tags, and do away with the rest.
  4. Target the guest room. Check all the drawers and under the bed for any leftovers. Dust shelves and bedside tables, and wipe down drawers and cupboards with a disinfectant. Clean windows and mirrors, and lay out fresh linens.
  5.  Clean entertaining areas like the living room and bar or game room. Look for debris under chairs, couches and tables. Vacuum all corners, paying extra attention to the area behind the bar. Dust surfaces and wipe down with a disinfectant. Get rid of stains on countertops and tables by cleaning them using warm, soapy water or a solution of water and vinegar in equal parts.
  6. Collect all dirty dishes and glasses from entertaining areas and get the dishwasher going. Launder all used linens from the guest rooms and other bedrooms and bathrooms.
  7. For the last how to keep home clean tip, head to the kitchen and give it some TLC. Scrub splatters over walls and countertops using warm, sudsy water. Wipe clean the stove top, oven, coffee machine, and other equipment carefully. Go through leftovers in the fridge and throw anything past its expiry date into the trash can. Make meal plans such that you can use up other items in your fridge.


Now that you know these 7 tips to quickly clean up your home post the holidays, skip the worrying and just revel in the spirit of the season for now!

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