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Getting the bathroom organized can be a challenge. Here we've compiled some popular ideas for getting all of the little stuff in the bathroom under control. You don't have to spend a lot of time or money to get it all in order. We love these clever ideas for organizing make-up, toiletries, linens, and cleaners.

1. Most people don't like the space under the sink for storage. This area generally seems inaccessible and has a lot of wasted space. A lazy susan can offer some tiered storage that makes the things in the back a lot more accessible.

2. You can install a hanging bar in the back, one meant for closets, and hang your bathroom spray cleaner bottles by the trigger to get them out of the way.

3. You can nail or screw strips of wood on the left and right inside the cabinet to make rails to place a removable board for make-up. You can use a sheet of metal on the board to make it magnetic and put stick-on magnets on the back of your make-up. This will keep the make-up from falling off. You can slide the board out like a drawer when you need it.

4. Baskets can be installed on the inside of the cabinet doors to make extra room for putting curling irons, hair dryers, brushes, canisters, and other items that you use a lot.

5. Baskets and bins make it easy to stash wash cloths, toiletries and more. Bins disguise how many small items you are storing keeping the area looking nice and neat.

6. Use bins and baskets in the linen closet, too. Stash toilet paper, cleaners, whatever you need. Stack towels, but use a bin or basket for wash cloths so that you don't even have to fold them. Dividers can make better use of the vertical space on your shelves by getting some items up higher. Risers can be used in the back of deep shelves so that you can elevate things in the back that would normally go hidden.

7. You can use bedspread and comforter hangers or oversize hangers with wider bars to hang your sheets, table cloths, beach towels, and blankets. Installing a hanging bar high up in the linen closet is a great way to protect these items from damage and wrinkles, but it also makes them take up less space, freeing up your shelves for stacking other items.

About the Author: Jo Granville is on the staff of Only Hangers, a leading online retailer of quality garment hangers in wood, plastic and metal.