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Remodeling your bedroom can be a lot of work, but it can have a lot of benefits that you can enjoy for years to come. Deciding on the budget and the designs that will be most useful can take a lot of planning. Painting, building, and adding furniture are just the beginning. Taking the time to plan and budget can make your remodeling efforts run a lot more smoothly.

1) The first step is to do some research. Designate a notepad and folder for keeping track of your ideas and notes. Research different web sites and magazines to get ideas together. Keep in mind the things that will make your problem areas disappear. For example, a built-in or free-standing corner unit with a few cabinets and shelves can provide a lot of storage space for all of those little things you want to keep out of sight. Switching out dressers with small drawers for an armoire can give you lots of storage space for linens and out of season clothing. Don't spend too much money on books or magazines. Most publications can be viewed online or you can simply browse through them at the library or book store. Don't leave out any ideas in the beginning, even if they seem expensive, because there is almost always an alternative to spending a lot of money on one idea.

2) Now it is time to narrow down your ideas. Try to find ways to make the money that you have to spend last a long time. If you would love an armoire but find them too expensive, look for people selling them locally or check out thrift and used furniture retail stores before you buy. If you would love an elaborate closet organization system but don't have hundreds or even thousands to shell out, consider building the system yourself. Closet rods and wood planks are inexpensive and building something yourself can be rewarding.

3) Choose paint colors, flooring, and light fixtures to bring the room to life. Ask around, because friends and family might have enough leftover paint, carpet or tile remnants, or even lighting that they would be happy to get out of their garages. If you're spending enough money at a hardware or home improvement store, you may be able to get a contractor's discount. You can make your closet look tremendously better by investing in some high quality clothes hangers, like wood hangers. You can buy directly from the manufacturer online to save money. Buying hangers in bulk often results in a lower price and sometimes getting the hangers shipped free. Do some research and you may be able to budget for everything that you wanted in your remodeled bedroom.

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