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Getting cleaning supplies in order makes home maintenance a much easier endeavor. The cleaning closet, or broom closet, all too often becomes a place where you hide things that don't have anywhere to go. Soon, it becomes a nightmare of half empty bottles, junk, and replacement products you don't even remember buying. Make cleaning less of a chore by getting your cleaning supplies in order.


Tips for Organizing Your Broom Closet and Cleaning Supplies

Organize the Cleaning Products

Start with the necessities. Paper towels, brooms, mops, mop buckets, sponges, spray cleaners, window cleaners, and floor cleaners should be neatly organized. Line up bottles so that the ones you want to use first are front and center. Any full bottles should be neatly lined up behind them so that you always know when you're actually out of something. I like to use small baskets and shelves for sponges and other small items that can get lost in a big open space.

What Else Can Go in the Cleaning Closet?

The cleaning closet, if you're lucky enough to have one, does not necessarily have to be strictly for cleaning products. Put the things that you use most within easy reach. Store items that you won't need for a while, or that you won't use very often, up higher than everything else. If you have room left, you can organize other things that clutter up your kitchen or living room. I have a basket on the wall that is just for organizing batteries and flashlights. We have another basket that is for camera chargers and other cords that we may need, but not necessarily every day.

Post a Cleaning Schedule

I have a calendar for scheduling special tasks for myself. I display every month of the year on it. There's not much room for writing, so I made myself a color coded key. A blue dot means clean the ceiling fans. A red dot means test the smoke detector. A green dot means clean the refrigerator inside and out. I scatter these tasks around the year so that spring cleaning isn't such a hassle and no one thing goes neglected for too long.