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Creating storage and organizing your closet are great ways to get your home in order and even add value to your home. Most people have things stored that they done use or haven't used in years. Clearing out the old clutter is the first step to organizing your closet and creating extra storage space for the things that you actually need to keep.

Take a look at the contents of your closet and start to figure out what you actually need. Empty the closet and categorize your items into manageable groups. You can use your bed or floor to make space for the groups. You may have a lot of stuff in there that you want to keep, but if you think about it, you may realize that it is all taking up too much room. Try to get rid of as many items as possible. Set them aside if you're thinking about letting them go.

When you're going through your clothes and shoes, get rid of ones that you haven't worn in a year or season. Shoes should go if they are scuffed, don't fit right, are out of style, or if you simply don't like them anymore. Clothing is especially subject to the "in style" test and should be let go of if it's out or if you simply don't like it anymore.

Find a consignment shop or resale store in your area that may want to buy usable and name brand items. You should be able to sell large lots of clothes online if you're looking for a quick and easy way to make a buck off of your clothes. Donate and give away anything that you have left.

Get things that shouldn't be stored in your closet out of there. Files, statements, photo albums, books and sports equipment can be kept somewhere else in the house. Go through old boxes and containers and be picky about what you keep. Invest a little in a bookshelf or cabinet to store things that you don't want to keep in the garage or basement.

The next step is to develop a closet scheme that accommodates what you need to keep in there. Consider space saving options that are designed to make room in small spaces. You can install wire shelving, use specialty hangers, put a small dresser in your closet, or use hooks and bins to organize small items. You can double your hanging and shelf space by using closet solutions that utilize vertical space and the depth of your closet.

Update the closet with hooks for robes, purses, and other items that you use regularly. Make a space for ties, belts, scarves and baseball caps. You can use specialty hangers for many of these items, freeing up shelf space and dresser drawers. You can even use clothes hangers that save space by allowing you to cascade multiple items on each hanger. You should still use nice wooden hangers or clothing hangers designed for suits to keep coats and jackets from losing their shape.

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