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Designing the perfect closet for yourself can save you lots of time and money. Only you know your personal habits and needs, so it makes sense to do the job yourself. If you do decide to hire a professional closet organizer, be prepared to spend lots of time letting them know the details of your closet habits and needs. Many people find the process of talking with a professional helpful in determining which closet options will help them the most. For this reason, many professional organizers are willing to meet for a consultation only, instead of actually ordering and installing the closet themselves.

Don't feel like you need to speak with a professional to do a good job. Stores that sell closet organizers often have employees with extra training in closet design. If not, they often have ideas on their websites showing you different configurations and ideas for how to best use their products. Most people still prefer to do it themselves and don't need a lot of help figuring out what they want.

The only catch with people doing it themselves is when they run into some of the same problems that they had before they invested in their closet system. This often happens because people forget to consider certain things before they buy. One thing to remember is that your closet needs to change with the seasons. You may need a lot of drawers for your summer clothing, but extra hanging space for winter coats. The best way to predict what you'll need is to actually hang and measure what you'll need to put in the closet later so that you're sure that your closet system will work year-round.

Another problem that people run into is a lack of "future space". You may get a closet system that holds twenty pairs of shoes, not anticipating that your new job will require you to invest in more shoes to meet their dress code. Make sure that you have room for your current items plus any future items that may come in later.

One way to make sure that your closet will last you this year and the years to come is to get creative in hanging your clothes. Nothing dresses up a closet more than a nice set of matching, high quality clothes hangers. Using slim metal hangers that are designed to save space is a great option. And using hangers that help you to organize things like ties, hats, and swimwear can eliminate the need for bulky drawers and shelves, leaving you more room for storage.

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