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Upgrades to your closet, like lighting, high end clothes hangers, shelving, and cedar lining can turn your closet into an organized, beautiful dream. It's about more than looks. Functional upgrades help you to stay organized, protect the investment that you've made in your wardrobe, and help you to save time and money. Check out these popular, inexpensive upgrades that can have your closet looking like a million bucks.

1) Good closet lighting is generally only found in high-dollar boutique hotels or expensive homes. You can add lighting yourself and transform your closet to the one you've been dreaming of. Track lighting and spotlights make your closet easy to manage. It's easy to see what you're looking for and you spend less time digging and disorganizing your closet. You'll love how easy most of today's lighting is to install. Make sure you use cool bulbs or LED bulbs designed for closets. You should have twelve inches of clearance or more between your belongings and the lights. Add a dimmer switch for a sophisticated feel. You'll save time getting ready in the mornings and going to your closet will be a good pick-me-up each day that you use it.

2) Besides lighting, there are other quick and easy upgrades that you can make to inexpensively spruce up your closet. Cedar closet liners are all the rage. They're easy to install and the price is quickly going down as these liners become more popular. Cedar is a great addition to any closet for a multitude of reasons. Of course, it will make your closet look amazing. It also absorbs moisture, protecting your clothes and storage items from smelling musty. That musty smell is actually mold and mildew growing in your closet. Cedar deodorizes the air. It doesn't just cover up odors like potpourri and linen sprays. It also repels common closet pests that destroy clothing, like moths, silverfish, and cockroaches.

3) Upgrading your hangers is a quick and easy way to not only streamline the look of your closet, but also to increase its functionality. Specialty clothes hangers, like tie hangers, belt hangers, scarf hangers, and lingerie hangers, help you to stay organized and decrease your need for added shelving or drawers in your closet. Cedar hangers are great for all the reasons mentioned above, plus they look incredible with any room decor. High-end clothes hangers also come in styles that cascade tops and bottoms together, or allow you to hang multiple skirts, slacks, or shorts from one convenient space.

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