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Big and Tall men's clothing can take up a lot of extra space in the closet, causing it to be cramped and perpetually unorganized. Suits get damaged, clothes get wrinkled, hangers snap, and your wardrobe ends up in a heap on the floor. Use these tips to help you get your big and tall sized clothing properly hung, protected, and organized, all while possibly even saving some space!


Learn What Your Need to Protect Big and Tall Sized Clothing and Make Space in the Closet!

The Weight of Men's Suits

First, let's talk about heavy suits. They are likely the most expensive things in your closet and they need the most special care. Larger suits can weigh more than standard hangers are designed to hold. Even some wooden hangers are too thin or the hook isn't designed to stay anchored under a lot of stress. At OnlyHangers, we design all of our hangers to be strong enough to hold even heavy men's suits. We also carry some extra heavy duty hangers in larger sizes that are specifically made for XL men's clothing.

The Structure of Big and Tall Suits

As you know, a suit that gets crumpled or crushed is just never the same. There are layers of different fabrics and adhesives inside of your suits that help them to keep their shape. However, if your hanger is too small, the shoulders will slouch, the jacket will slide, the pants will crumple, and your suit can become permanently damaged. Our "Deluxe" hangers have extra wide shoulders to help support the structure of big men's suits. Check out our Deluxe Cedar Suit Hangers and our 19" Molded Plastic Shaper Hangers.

Extra Wide Shoulders

Standard hangers are usually 17" across. We carry several 19" hangers, Adjustable Hangers that extend to 21", and the amazing bendable 21" Rubber Foam Display Hanger. If you measure from shoulder seam to shoulder seam across the widest part of the back of a garment, you'll get the measurement for what size hanger you need to properly support your clothing. We carry a 19" Heavy Duty Plastic Suit Hanger and the beautiful Contoured Deluxe Suit Hanger with Non-Slip Bar.

Saving Space in a Big and Tall Man's Closet

Metal Wonder Hangers are the perfect heavy duty solution for saving space in the closet. Lower shirts and pants to make room for heavy coats and suits. Try our Oversized Space Saving Wooden Hanger or Oversized Flat Suit Hanger with Non-Slip Bar for your larger suits. If you want an easy way to hang pants, try our open-ended Heavyweight Plastic Pant Hangers or our Metal Pant Hanger with Vinyl Sleeve.

Buy the hangers and closet accessories that you need to protect your wardrobe and keep things in order today.

About the Author:Jo Granville is on the staff of Only Hangers, a leading online resource for Oversized Hangers.