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Organizing a closet yourself is a great way to make sure that the closet fits your personal needs. Only you really know and can recognize your habits, good or bad. Taking a closer look at the closet and making note of which areas work and don't work is a good place to start. Doing this analysis will help you to save time and money when investing in closet organizational products or a closet system. Everyone needs something a little different when it comes to closet organization, so taking the time to follow these tips will help you to build the closet of your dreams that will work with you for many years to come.

1) Consider which products are actually hard to access or hard to keep organized. Drawers, for example, can allow items to get buried in the back where you can't find them or access them very easily. Drawers hide stacks of clothing so that you have to dig through and unfold things to see what you need. We prefer shallow baskets or acrylic containers so that you can see and grab what you want. If you find yourself constantly messing up a stack of say, t-shirts, then consider hanging them instead.

2) Let's face it, we keep more in our closets than clothes. Installing a shelf very high up in the closet for things that we don't use very often is a great way to get some extra storage space without taking up the usable space of the closet. Don't forget that you can extend the shelf all the way around the closet. It doesn't have to be only on the back wall.

3) If you install shelves, make sure that they are not too deep for items that you want to access regularly. If you do make them deep, you can use containers deep against the wall to store out of season clothing. When it's time to switch wardrobes, simply swap the clothing stack in front of the container with the clothing inside of the container and you're done.

4) Select garment hangers that help you to easily access clothing. Clothes hangers are designed to perform certain functions, so do a little research before you buy. At Only Hangers we offer a variety of specialty hangers to accommodate all types and sizes of clothing from infants and children's size hangers thru adult and oversized hangers. We also offer a large assortment of hangers designed to help organize accessories like belts, ties and scarves.

About the Author: Jo Granville is on the staff of Only Hangers, a leading online resource for wholesale garment hangers. For more information, please visit