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Are your garage and other storage areas cluttered and disorganized? It can be frustrating to keep up with, especially when you need to use your garage for things like parking cars and keeping up with home improvement projects. However, the garage may be the only, or the best place that you have to store things. So, use these tips for turning your garage or other storage room into an organized dream so that you can store things there without losing the usable space.

1) First you are going to want to clear out the clutter and get the space clean. Work on a day where the weather is nice so that you're not rushed to throw everything back inside. Pull everything out of the garage and place things into categorized areas. Bikes, tools, sports equipment, lawn care, clothes storage, and more can be easily separated when you pull them out into the driveway or yard. Enlist help from family or friends so that the job isn't too exhausting to finish in one day. Now clean the garage so that you don't encourage pests to invade the space.

2) When everything is out and clean, you're ready to plan. Flat items, such as boards and flattened cardboard boxes, can be stored on a ceiling rack. These racks bolt into studs and hang down, usually about a foot or two from the ceiling. They are inexpensive, easy to install with a little help, and give you somewhere to put those big, flat items. They help you to take advantage of space that you may not have used before. They also give you something to possibly hang bikes or yard equipment from. You can even store canoes and kayaks on the ceiling.

3) Next you'll want to figure out a plan for other bulky items. A sports equipment rack is inexpensive and very handy. Balls and pads go into the bottom while bats, hockey sticks, and other oddly shaped items hang where kids can quickly find them. You may want to invest in a cabinet for storing bulky tools that don't go into your tool box. This will help to keep dust out and make your garage look more organized and streamlined.

4) If you want to store clothing in your garage, a cardboard box may not be the best thing. You will need to really seal out moisture to fight off mold and mildew. Plus, you'll want to repel pests and keep the clothing nice. Try hanging the clothes from hangers on a rolling garment rack that you can move around if you need to. Use heavy garment bags to protect clothes from outside forces. Hang them on cedar clothes hangers if possible to repel pests, help the clothes keep their shape, and absorb any moisture that they might come in contact with. Keep your clothes protected and they can be stored in the garage right alongside everything else.

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