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Hanging Jewelry


Repurpose any wooden hanger to hang jewelry, earrings, necklaces etc. by simply installing hooks on underside of the hanger. Simply drill a small hole in the wood and insert cup hooks or eye hooks to create a unique way to keep jewelry organized and within reach.

Hanging Eyewear


Always misplacing yours sunglasses or reading glasses? Try using the pant bar of a flat wooden suit hanger to hang your eyewear. Always know where your glasses are when they are all hung in one place. Hang from coat rack by front door so your sunglasses are ready to go when you are!

Hanging Towels


Discover unique ways to repurpose the wooden clothing hanger into a towel rack in the bathroom. By installing these hangers on the wall upside down, the swivel hook typically used for hanging now makes the perfect towel hook. Creates an interesting conversation piece in any bath in the house!

Hanging Ribbons


If you are a crafter and have lots of ribbons around the house try organizing them with old wire hangers from the dry cleaners. They can be simply cut in the middle of the pant bar to install the ribbons and then be taped back together. Only Hangers bedspread & drapery hangers will work even better with this project since the bottom bar removes to load the ribbons.

Hanging Sandals


 A pair of pliers is all it takes to keep these wire hangers from heading to the landfill. Simply bend them into any artistic shape you like and re-fashion them into unique sandal hangers to help organize your sandals and flip flops in the closet. The hanger can be painted and ribbon or fabric can be added to the neck of the hanger for further decoration. If your not the crafty, DIY type...sandal hangers can be simply purchased from Only Hangers!

Hanging Newspaper and Magazines


Don't lose your place in that magazine! Simply hanging periodicals over the pant bar of a fresh smelling cedar suit hanger can turn it into your own personal library. Use a strong wooden suit hanger to store and organize your favorite reading material in one place.

Hanging Lamps


This project is a little more involved than others but can be easily accomplished by following the step by step guide on how to do it in Only Hangers "Crafts from the Closet" hanger craft guide. This pdf is free and comes with instructions on how to make a lamp out of wooden clothes hangers like this.

Hanging Coats


Upside down and cut in half? Hang coats and bags from wooden hangers in the most unconventional way. Upside down hooks make a great way to hang handbags and purses while wooden hangers hold coats, hats and scarves!

Hanger Plate Drying Rack


With hooks removed from the wooden hangers we can create the perfect drying rack for dishes! This unique dish rack can be created from natural wood hangers by simply attaching them together in opposite directions. Removing the wooden dowels and placing them in the notched shoulders of the hangers provides added support. Make sure to use stainless steel screws when repurposing your wooden hangers for this project so they won't rust.

Hanger Bowl


Arched wood hangers with the hooks removed can be re-invented into fruit bowls, bread baskets and serving trays. Simply remove the hooks from the hangers and attach them together like this or in any creative way you like to create a bowl shape.

As you can see there are many things that old hangers hanging around the house can be turned into with a little creativity and imagination. Let us know in the comments of any other ideas you may have come up with to repurpose the simple, age old coat hanger into something new and unique!

About the Author: Ron Maier is on the staff of Only Hangers, a leading online resource for clothing hangers in wood, plastic or metal.  Visit Only Hangers today for the highest quality, lowest priced clothing hangers available!