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Getting your closet organized can be quite the task. There are so many organizers and closet solutions to choose from. The best way to get your closet organized and keep it that way, is to implement adjustable storage solutions so that your closet can change with your changing needs. We go through different wardrobes and change what we store in our closets as time goes on. Every time the season changes, we change jobs, or styles change, our closets also develop different organizational needs. Here we will discuss different options for creating closet solutions that are customizable so that the closet changes with you.

1) Adjustable closet rods are a must. They can be adjusted to fit into custom sized spaces. This will give you more options when you're deciding what type and size of shelving to use in your closet. You can even use an adjustable bar to extend your hanging space by installing them on each side of a reach-in closet. This will give you extra space for hanging long items, like heavy winter coats and dresses.

2) Movable shelving is great to have in any closet. Shelves that can be moved up or down will allow you to customize the space to fit your baskets or stacks of folded clothing. You may need a more shallow space for laying jeans or shorts flat and a taller space for storing folded sweaters. Being able to adjust the shelving space will also allow you to make spaces larger for storing bulky winter clothes when your lighter summer wardrobe is in use. Many wire shelving systems are now adjustable. They attach to fixed bars on the wall and can be moved up and down to suit your needs.

3) It is also nice to have shelves that can be adjusted horizontally. You may have the option of using shallow depth shelves over deeper depth shelves, giving you extra storage space behind your major stacks of clothing, buckets and bins. These smaller shelves that fit back deeper into the closet are great for storing smaller items like jewelry, socks, swimwear, and more.

4) You can create your own adjustable wooden closet shelves by using a router to cut out paths for your shelves. Clamp two boards together and route out a groove that is as thick as your shelves, usually about 3/4" wide. You don't want to go more than half-way through the wood. Cut out more grooves than you need. When you install the grooved side boards, you can cut out shelves that fit into the slats. Narrow shelves like this are great for storing shoes. When you need to switch from sandals to winter boots, simply remove some shelves or move them further apart.

5) Another way to customize how much room you have in your closet is to utilize specialty hangers. Some  are designed to save space or coordinate outfits. Using wooden hangers to hang coats will help them to keep their shape, even if your closet is cramped. Other clothing hangers to consider allow you to cascade items, creating much needed room when your wardrobe expands.

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