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Here are some questions.

Is your closet the space where you store all the items big and small? Are the shelves beginning to closely resemble mini junkyards? Do you find the closet getting smaller for your needs with each passing day? Are you spending too much time on finding things?

This hints at decluttering your closet. But before you start to aimlessly dump everything out and arrange them in a hurry, there's something you need to know:

"Decluttering isn't just about letting go. It's also an opportunity to pass things on to those who need them." No truer words have been said for decluttering. And coming from Creative Organizing Expert Alejandra Costello, who's been making the lives of busy people easier with her organizing videos, it does make sense.

Easier said than done, not many people bother to clear the constantly building up a mess in their closets until it becomes too big for them to handle. They just add to the clutter by hoarding more items only to be forgotten later, or making a pile from things bought from the constant bouts of shopping on an impulse or buying on a whim!

Retail therapy is real, for all you know!

And then, it happens.

The closet refuses to shut, the shoes spill out, the knick-knacks play peek-a-boo, the outfits get more wrinkles than pleats, the t-shirts are piled up on a chair, the shirts stacked together become an entangled mess while the jewelry boxes become placeholders for jumbled up junk of metal, plastic, fabric and other materials. Let's also not forget the scarves, ties and belts, which threaten to come undone from those nooks and corners!

This leads to some important pointers:

  • When did I even buy this?
  • Is this still in fashion?
  • What if it makes a comeback?
  • I don't think I have worn this in years!
  • Who wears things like that?
  • I think I have a similar item stored somewhere!
  • Why did I even buy this in the first place?

If this puts you in a spot every time, then all you need is to become more organized, do away with the stuff you'll never need and make little tweaks in the closet so that you can find everything, every day, without wasting time.

Basically, a combination of easy techniques, smart storage solution and systematic organization will help you make a fresh start.

Don't know where to begin, how to do and what to do? Here's an infographic that'll help you clear clutter and organize your bedroom closet without sweat. Check it out!