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Keeping your home organized can seem like an insurmountable task. Most people acquire junk piles all over the house, all while feeling like they didn't do anything to make it happen. There are a few ways to get your home organized, but keeping it that way is the trick. Use these simple organization tips and hints on how to keep the home organized to get control of your life.

Create drawer organization systems that work for what you need. Do you have a junk drawer in your dresser or kitchen? Most people do. Quick clean-up jobs can quickly turn your pot holder and dish towel drawer into a place for anything and everything. Reclaim it by using small boxes or drawer organizer that only allows you to put what goes in the drawer in there. Try to get rid of the junk that ends up in the junk drawer. If you notice that some things really do need a place to go, then make sure that they have a place. Otherwise, they'll constantly end up being raked into a drawer last minute.

Use wall space to organize your computer desk. Desks are notoriously messy, holding everything from your lunch dishes to your cough lozenges. Utilize the wall space around you and make a place for all of these little things. There's more to working at a desk than pencils, books and paper. You will probably notice that certain things always end up on your desk. Make spaces for the things that you use while you're working. You may need space for toothpicks, lip balm, your cell phone, or your fingernail file.

Getting the kids' rooms organized is another big problem. You can spend hours in there rearranging and organizing toys, only to see it destroyed again an hour later. You may have to put this one in your children's hands. It can be nearly impossible to keep things straight, so you need a plan. Offer rewards for cleaning. Add five minutes of picking things up and putting them away to your child's bedtime routine. Tell them that five minutes can earn them fifteen minutes of video game time. If you notice that they did a really good job, give them a double reward, like thirty minutes of extra time. This can be extremely motivating, much more so than threatening to take away privileges if they don't clean up.

Getting your laundry under control can save you from many days of battling the laundry mountain. Most families can make a load of laundry every day, even if it might be a small load. Make it part of your daily routine to spend a few minutes loading and unloading the wash. Getting your closets in order can help you to keep up with the laundry without wearing yourself out.

It may help to install a hanging bar near the washer and dryer. You can take clothes straight from the dryer and put them directly on clothes hangers. You can use a wood hanger, like a coat hanger, for hanging heavier objects, or clothing that needs to be hang dried. Take the clothes hangers to the closets in one trip every day or two.

Getting your home in order and adjusting your lifestyle can help you stay organized forever!

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