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Choosing a closet system is a big decision. There are lots of options on the market to choose from. You can spend just a few bucks or up into the thousands. Choosing the one that fits your lifestyle, your space and your budget can be a bit of a challenge. We've compiled some ideas for you so that you know what to consider when deciding what to buy. With just a little research and thought, you could have that organized closet you've been dreaming of.

1) You may be able to simply install a few wooden shelves on your own. Adding extra shelves, bins, and even hanging bars can be a very economical way to get your closet in order. Take a look around online for different configuration options. Jot down some preliminary measurements regarding how much space you think you'll need for each thing in your closet. You may need more shoe room or more shelves for your pajamas and socks. Adjust designs that you like to fit what you'll actually need and use. Remember that it doesn't matter how much you spend or don't spend if the closet isn't accommodating to your needs.

2) Wire shelving is a versatile and budget friendly option. Most wire shelving systems start with a vertical bar that attaches to the studs in your closet. The shelves hook into the bars, allowing you to reconfigure them as needed. This comes in handy when you're switching out summer clothes for winter clothes, and as your wardrobe grows and changes over the years. Wire shelving has really come a long way. There are drawers, baskets, bins, and racks that are actually very stylish and attractive. Everything attaches to the system, so your closet will stay looking nice and neat. Drawers glide smoothly and many have removable baskets. This makes it easy to take the basket with you while you're folding laundry or organizing.

3) Laminate wood shelves are also fairly inexpensive, look attractive, and are sturdy enough to hold the weight of your storage items. You can install laminate wood shelves like ordinary wooden shelves, or you can buy brackets that the shelves simply sit on top of. The brackets support the shelf and you can move the wood panels around when you need to reorganize or clean them. Laminate shelves come in many different finishes so you can choose the ones that match your closet theme.

After you choose and install your closet system, select the garment hangers that will help you to best use the space. If you're low on space, choose clothing hangers that save room by fitting closely together or cascading from one another. You may not need as many shelves if you use specialty hangers for hanging ties, scarves, belts and purses. You should use wooden hangers for heavy coats and suits, but most clothes will do well on thinner space saving metal hangers.

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