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Having a beautiful and organized bedroom is more important than you may realize. The bedroom is often neglected because guests in your home don't see it. You may concentrate on other more public areas first, pushing the bedroom to the end of your list of things to do. However, if you think about it, your bedroom is a place where you start and end your day. It is a place of solitude and bonding. It is where you prepare yourself, physically and mentally, for the challenges of each day. This is where we do our deepest, uninterrupted thinking and reflection on life. Give your bedroom priority when decorating and organizing and you could benefit from it in more ways than you ever imagined.


Your bed is very important. Clean sheets, comfortable pillows, blankets and quilts that have personal meaning to you or reflect your personal taste all affect how you feel and approach each night and day of your life. This private place should be totally relaxing, clean, personal, and give you a feeling of freshness every day.


Your walls (and ceiling) should be any color that you like. Light blue is calming, red is passionate, white is clean, yellow is cheerful. This is a private place, so feel free to let your personality shine. Avoid cluttering the walls with a lot of art, photographs, or shelving. Make your bedroom a place where you can clear your mind. If you can stand it, avoid putting a television, game system, or any other electronic distraction in your room.


Dimmer switches, soft lamps, track lighting, and natural light are great for the bedroom. You definitely don't want the lighting in your relaxing retreat to equal that of your office or kitchen! Think about how you would like to feel in your bedroom. Lower, softer lights are calming to the mind, eye and spirit.


Fill your room with textures that speak to you. Soft faux furs, chenille, satin, and other soft fabrics can be used around the room to help you feel safe, soft, and comforted. Throw pillows and blankets, soft rugs, and even soft curtains will help you to relax in your bedroom.


Keeping your room clean is important. You never want to go to bed surrounded by things that need to be done, and you definitely don't want to wake up to things that you don't have time to do. Keeping a neat and organized closet can help you to keep storage items in storage and clothes put away where they belong. Use the right hangers to keep clothes neat, wrinkle-free, and most importantly, on the hanger. Hangers for tops and separate ones for bottoms will help to keep things organized. Bamboo hangers are light, strong and useful. Cedar hangers smell fresh and add timeless beauty to your closet. Choose the style that you love and keep your closet organized for easy mornings and restful nights.