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Is your bedroom in need of a makeover? Use these tips and ideas to make your bedroom into an escape from reality. There's nothing like an inviting and relaxing bedroom to take you away from the stresses of your everyday life. Your bedroom can be a relaxing retreat that you can't wait to go to every night. A peaceful atmosphere can go a long way towards reducing stress and keeping you on a more even keel.

1) Step one is to choose a relaxing color. Pastels are generally seen as relaxing. Ice blues are particularly relaxing, especially if they contain hints of purple. White trim can keep things feeling light and beautiful. Dark stained wood trim can make a room feel more cozy and traditional. Avoid bright colors and even dark colors, unless they are heavily offset with white linens and decor around the room.

2) Your bedding is important. After all, you will be spending nearly half of your life in your bed! Invest in some really good mattresses if you can. There's nothing like climbing into a bed that just fits your body perfectly. Handmade quilts and afghans can make your bed seem more inviting. Clean sheets and various pillows are also a plus. Avoid a lot of decorative and throw pillows, however, as they can make the room seem stuffy or unusable.

3) Lighting can make a big difference in your bedroom. Soft lighting or adding a dimmer switch to your room can be comforting. Track lighting that accents or spotlights certain features in the room can make the room seem less bland and more attractive.

4) Finding ways to hide storage items in your room can make it more user-friendly and inviting. You don't want to be able to see the things that you are trying to keep under control. Getting things organized in a way that keeps them sort of hidden from view is a great way to lower your stress levels and keep the room looking nice and neat. Use attractive chests, an armoire, a bench that opens to reveal storage, or other decorative items that have a double duty. Not only will it help you to keep your room more orderly, but you won't be staring at everything that needs to be done when you don't have time to do it.

5) Keeping your closet up to snuff is also an important part of creating a bedroom retreat. Use clothes hangers that help keep your clothes hanging nice and straight. Even clothes that are hung can look messy if the hangers are not designed to hold them right. Choose high-end hangers that make your closet look soothingly organized. Try wooden hangers or light colored bamboo coat hangers to keep your closet up to par with the rest of the room.

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