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There are millions of ways to organize a closet. Everyone is different, owns different things, and has different needs. We can look at the different closet plans that are out there for days without seeing the same thing twice. So, if you want to organize your closet, doing it yourself is the way to go. Only you know your tastes and how you would prefer things to be stored. Use these organizational ideas to help you decide which closet storage techniques will best fit your style and your closet.

1) Baskets are very useful for most people. They hold little things, keep them organized, and eliminate the need to install drawers. Baskets, buckets, and bins are great places to keep socks, underwear, mittens, books, camera equipment, mementos, and more. They give the closet more texture and break up the monotonous look of ordinary closets. They help you to stay organized while making things look nice and neat.

2) Special compartments can be put in your closet to hold things that need somewhere to go. You may want to store a laptop, some tall boots, your manicure/pedicure supplies, your child's schoolwork, or a multitude of other things. Creating little spaces in the closet that are designated for these things will help you to keep your whole house in order.

3) Shelves are really useful. They allow you to fold some of your clothes instead of hanging everything. You can fold sweaters and t-shirts to leave room on the hanging bar for bulkier clothes, such as coats and suits. Shelves can sometimes help you to make better use of the space in the closet and give you storage areas as well.

4) Storage is important in any closet. A high shelf that goes all the way around the closet can be really useful. You can keep luggage, out of season clothing, purses, sports equipment and more on a high shelf so that it is safely stored away.

5) Specialty racks for shoes or baseball caps can keep the clutter to a minimum. Use the back of the closet door to keep the bulk of the closet area clear. You may decide to move your hanging bar up so that you have more room underneath for shoes or laundry baskets. A tie rack, belt rack, scarf hanger, and some heavy duty hooks can help you keep your closet organized.

6) Hangers make all the difference in a closet. There's nothing worse than having your clothes ruined by a shoddy hanger. Use high quality hangers if at all possible in the closet. A good choice that will really make a dramatic difference would be to use a nice set of matching wooden hangers. Another option is to go with some slim style clothing hangers that maximize space. These can double or triple the space that you have on the bar!

Getting your closet organized and keeping it that way is a snap when you use the techniques that work for you and your closet.

About the Author: Joe Granville is on the staff of Only Hangers, a leading online retailer of quality made clothing hangers for the home.