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Simple Tips to Organize Any Room

Are you looking for inspiration to get organized for the New Year? Look no further, for we have the easy-to-follow guidelines you've been searching for to get everything done in a jiffy. Whether you're organizing the kitchen, bathroom, garage, or bedroom closet, you can use these tips to find a home for everything in your home.


You will need four containers to organize, no matter which room you're starting in. One is for things you're keeping, one is for things that can move to storage, one is for trash, and one is for donations. Use laundry baskets or boxes to make it easy. Go from room to room, area to area, and get everything cleared out and separated. Be very picky when deciding what to keep.


Design the space to fit your "keep" pile. If you have enough room, make space for your storage items as well. Make sure that you have enough hanging space for your hanging items. Make sure you have enough shoe space for all of your shoes. If you have a lot of purses, you may need a wall of your closet designated for only handbags. Personalizing the space is the key to getting organized and staying that way.


Arrange things so that they are easy to access when you need them. Store big pots and pans that are rarely used in those hard-to-reach places in your kitchen cabinets. Keep your work clothes front and center so that you can get ready in a hurry every morning. Keep backpacks, purses, keys, cell phones and wallets right by the door so that you can grab them when you need them. Keeping this strategy in mind for everything you organize will make keeping up with things easy.


Use the right containers for what you need to keep organized. Things that are going into long-term storage are best stored in stacking containers. Stacking things vertically will help to keep them from being lost in deep closets. Use the wall space of your garage to stack things high instead of deep. The things that you may need to access more often should be kept near the top. Things that you need to access all of the time should not be sealed and hard to access. Use baskets and bins that are open on shelves and label them so that you can quickly get what you need when you need it. Use sturdy wooden hangersfor hanging suits and coats so that you don't waste time re-ironing them before you wear them.

Keeping things in order means making sure that everything that enters your home has a home. Following these guidelines, you can keep your entire house organized year-round.