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Finding and creating unconventional storage around the house can help you to make more livable space while helping you to stay organized. There are lots of way to create storage space without spending a lot of time or money on it. Using these tips, you can get your house more organized by working with what you already have.

Living room space seems to be most important for many people. We spend a lot of time in the living areas of our homes. The living room seems to be where we pass through to get to any other room. Therefore, it becomes the most cluttered. We want to have things available and easy to access, so the living room is where a lot of stuff ends up.

Start by getting the entrances to your home organized so that people aren't continually dropping their stuff in the living room. Hooks, bins, corner shelf units and entryway organization tables help to keep some of the clutter down. Tackle this, along with your coat closet, and the living room will soon follow.

In the living room, you can find space that you didn't know you had before. If you have a lot of movies, they can make the living room look more cluttered. We really don't use them very often, so consider storing them somewhere else. If you want them in the living room, choose a storage option that hides them. Under the couch, in a corner, above doors, and in a trunk style coffee table are good choices for storage. Choosing end tables, an ottoman, a coffee table, and other tables that can hold things is a great idea for creating storage around the living room.

In the bedroom, there are areas that we don't use that we could be using. Extra shelves can be added inside of the closet down the front corners of the space. Under the bed is great for storing clothing and other items. If you use space saving hangers or hangers that allow you to coordinate outfits on one hanger, then you can make space to clear out dresser drawers and other furniture that could be used for more storage. Use a garment rack to get the hanging clothes the you don't use very often out of the closet and into a spare room or corner of the bedroom.

Try to find the areas of your home that are being "wasted" and figure out how to turn them into storage areas.