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Family schedules can quickly get out of control if you don't have a system in place. If you list out everything that you need to do in a month, you'll start to realize why it's so hard without a specific plan. Doctor's appointments, dental cleanings, house cleaning, dry cleaning, shopping lists, soccer practices, hockey games, school clubs and more all need to happen at certain times to fit into your life. This list is really small compared to what most people need to schedule and accomplish during a month's time. Just managing bill payments on time can be a challenge. Learn how to schedule things for your whole family so that you are all informed of all the changes and appointments, all at the same time.

Does it sound impossible to get everyone on the same page at the same time? Well, thanks to the technologies that most of us have access to nowadays, it's not very difficult at all. Sites like "Cozi" are great for organizing all sorts of schedules. Car maintenance, bills, appointments, holidays, shopping lists, everything can be organized on different lists, but show up on your daily to-do list organized by time, place and person with little or no effort.

This site in particular is especially popular because you can have schedules on your desktop and everyone's phone. You can have it notify you by text or e-mail when something is coming up and you choose when it reminds you. Your family members can all have an assigned color so that when you see "soccer" at 3:00, you know who it's for based on the color. Anyone can make changes to the schedule with their phone or computer and everyone will automatically be updated. This site also offers fun and useful things like a family journal for remembering events, photos, and accomplishments. You can even have it send your journal of family events to a list of e-mail addresses as often as you like.

If you would rather see and feel the schedule in front of you, then you can make use of different calendars and work stations at your home. I like to keep bills and mail in their own area. I have a trash can with a shredder on top under the desk. I have slots for bills that I need to pay next, pay later, urgent matters, things that need to be filed, and coupons. I have a special dry erase board just for scheduling out bill payments so that I don’t get it mixed up with the array of activities on our family calendar.

Organizing your home in ways that make the day go smoother is another great way to ensure that you're able to keep up with your calendars. Learn how to organize everything from your closet, to your appointment schedule for the whole family. Find your own ways of saving time by getting organized and you'll be able to keep up with your schedules too.

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