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Are you too busy to find time to organize? Most people are. With work, the gym, kids, meals, and more, it can be really hard to find the time, and energy, to get the house in order. Use these tips to learn the best ways to get organized quickly and easily using schedule ideas from the organizing professionals at

High Traffic Areas

The high traffic areas of your home will need to be cleaned and organized regularly so that you can keep up with your everyday items. Things like cell phones, wallets, keys, purses, coats, gloves, hats, scarves, mail and other things that you will come across daily need to be kept in order. Save yourself time and energy by focusing on these areas first. Get a good system down so that these things do not get misplaced. You can really save yourself some time and frustration by developing a good routine when it comes to these things. Your entryway is a great place to start.


The dishes have to be done daily or they will quickly get out of control and can even cause health hazards in your home. You really don't want dirty dishes growing mold or attracting pests. You need the dishes to be clean and ready to go when you're about to cook so that it doesn't take away from time that you need to be doing other things. The best way to deal with dishes is to team up with another family member while you're cooking. One person can clean while the other one cooks. If you don't have help, clean the dishes while you wait for water to boil or for food to cook. When the meal is over, you should only have utensils, plates and glasses to throw in the dishwasher.


Keeping up with the schedules of every family member can be difficult. There are a lot of online calendars with reminders that can be set up to text or e-mail each family member when it is time for them to go to practice, finish a project, or work that extra shift. Keeping a family dry erase board near the door is another great way to make sure you don't miss important events or appointments.


Keeping up with the laundry makes everyone's life easier. Do a nightly collection of clothes and towels, washing them right as you're going to bed. In the morning, throw them in the dryer. When you get home from work or after dinner while hanging out with the family, fold the clothes and hang them up.