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Are you tired of having a cramped and disorganized closet? Closets are just not designed to function how we need them to. Throw in changing sizes, seasons, and styles and you can soon have a veritable mess in there before you know it. Many people struggle with keeping the closet organized and eventually give up, feeling like it's just an uphill battle that can never be won. The problem that most of us have is a lack of preparation and space. Preparing for the things that are inevitably going to come up and making the most of the space that we have are key elements to keeping an organized closet. Use these professional tips for getting it together in a way that is easy to manage and maintain.

1) Prepare for the things that you know are going to go wrong. Getting the closet organized isn't much help if it only stays that way for a week or so. Think about the problems that you currently have and come up with a permanent solution. One problem is season change. We've all experienced that awful time between seasons where we still use some of the clothes in the closet, but we're starting to live out of our winter storage. This can cause a huge mess. Store your out of season clothes underneath the bed in large, shallow containers. This way, if you need something out of the container, it's fairly easy to get to. You don't want to have to empty out box after box looking for those in-between season outfits. When the time is right, swap out the wardrobes.

2) Did you know that most adults will keep clothing around for an average of ten years before they get rid of unused items? This is a big no-no and is the number one cause of closet chaos. A popular trick for keeping yourself from falling into the "I might wear that someday" trap is to turn all of your clothes hangers around on the bar so that they are all facing backwards. As you wear clothes, return them to the bar, but facing the correct way. At the end of the season, you'll be able to visibly see what you never wore. If you didn't want to wear it this year, you won't want to wear it next year. Get rid of it!

3) The easiest way to make room in your closet with your remaining clothes is to invest a little in some cascading clothing hangers. Cascading items from another hanger is easy, helps you to organize and coordinate outfits, and saves you a lot of space. Flat hangers are perfect for shirts and blouses because they fit flat against each other and save a lot of space as opposed to contoured hangers.Contoured hangers should be used for coats and suits as they are designed to mimic the shape of human shoulders thus maintaining the form of the coat or suit. Your clothes hangers can make or break your closet, so choose carefully.

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