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No time to clean? Never fear, the cleaning experts are here! Keeping your home organized and clean is no easy feat. With sports, work, meetings, homework, and more, it can be nearly impossible to find a big block of time to clean. This is why five minute cleaning sprees work better for most families. With these tips, you can learn to make the most of the little amount of time that you do have. Cut down on endless hours spent cleaning on the weekends. Use our ideas for a week and see if you don't notice a difference in how your house looks and operates. You will also discover a newfound zest for staying on top of things and your family will too.

Tips for Cleaning on the Fly

The Walk Across the House Rule

We have a rule at our family that you never walk across the house empty handed. If everyone picks something up and puts it away as they're trekking across the house anyway, then you don't ever really notice that you're cleaning. Pick up that dirty shirt from the hall and toss it in the laundry basket as you walk past. Take that empty glass from the living room and put it in the dishwasher as you go to make yourself a snack. Pick up two or three toys from the dining room and toss them in the toy box as you pass the kids' rooms. This tiny little chore will seem like nothing and it's an easy habit to pick up. Reward family members that you see doing the same and your house will be easier to clean than ever.

Clean as You Go

It may sound simple, but unless you actually think about cleaning as you go, you won't necessarily remember to do it. Often times we put something down on the counter, table, or desk when we need to do something else. These things may go unnoticed for a little while, but then they act like junk magnets, making everyone in the house think that this place must be okay to set things down. Make clean surfaces off limits. Remind yourself not to set anything down by using table cloths, doilies, flowers, photographs, or whatever it takes to make your brain take notice that you are messing up an already clean area.

Make Organizing Easy on Yourself

Having a clean and neat closet will make it easy to put away clean laundry. Everyone in the house should have appropriate hangers for hanging everything that they own. Having the right hangers for clothes will keep them nice, neat and in place. Use rolling garment racks so that clothing can come straight from the dryer to the hanging bar. Keep closets neat and laundry will no longer be an issue.