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It's time to get ready for the holidays! It can be a lot of fun decorating, but you may not have the funds to afford all of the gifts that you want to purchase as well as decorations for your home. Never fear! Using a little creativity and things that you can find for free or cheap, you can get your house glowing with holiday spirit on the cheap. Use these tips from Only Hangers for decorating, DIY holiday projects, and sprucing up your home for little or no money.


Free and easy decorating ideas for the Holiday season brought to you by Only Hangers.

A lot of holiday decorations are actually derived straight from nature, so why not do your shopping in the great outdoors? Instead of spending a fortune on plastic garland, holly, and berries, take a little hike with the family and collect decorations there.

1) Evergreen garland, wreaths, centerpieces, and boughs can easily be created with just a little twine and some scissors. If you are getting a Christmas tree from the woods or a Christmas tree farm, gather extra branches and trimmings to create your own decorations. They smell nice and will last through the holiday season with a weekly dip in some water.

2) Holly bushes can be found in the wild through most of the United States. Take clippings home with you to decorate your dinner table, wreath, or mantle. Red berries add a pop of color that warms the spirit of any room. The glossy green leaves provide a beautiful reflective surface for your twinkling lights to shine off of.

3) If you take a hike through the woods, you are likely to find a lot of things that can be used as decorations. All sorts of berries can be collected to add color to your evergreen backgrounds. Keep your eye out for birds' nests, feathers, and other gifts from nature that can be used on your tree and around the house. Pick up a variety of different colored leaves to add color wherever it is needed.

4) Pine cones are great for displaying just how they are. You can fill a bowl or clear container with them, adding just a touch of greenery or color here and there. You can let the kids roll them in peanut butter and birdseed to attract beautiful winter birds to your home. You can decorate them with glitter and glue, then hang them from your Christmas tree.

Keep your eyes and mind open as you traverse the forests during this beautiful time of year. Your holiday decorations don't have to cost anything to be beautiful and memorable.