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Jeans and pants can be a problem when trying to keep your closet organized. A simple stack of folded jeans can become cumbersome as you have to pull them out, check the size, try them on, and still get ready in time. Most people have a favorite "wash" of denim, so a lot of your pants may end up looking similar. This can become a problem when you're trying to find the ones that you want to wear. Dress pants hanging can give you similar fits, as it can be some work to get the ones that you want when you want them. Use these tips to get your dress pants, casual pants, summer pants, winter pants, workout pants, work pants, and jeans all organized in a way that makes sense for your life and your closet.


Tips for keeping pants and jeans organized in a usable way.

Organize by Thickness

Let's say that you have several pairs of black dress pants. Some may be your favorites while others only go with a certain blazer or top. Pulling down several pairs before you get the ones that you wanted can be frustrating, take up time, and cause you to unorganized a perfectly organized space. One solution is to hang them by thickness. Thicker wool types on the left, down the line to thin linen types on the right. This will help you to grab the pair that you're going for right when you need them. Good lighting will also help you to retrieve the right pair at the right time.

Stack Vertically

Using a drawer, box, or even large bookends can allow you to stack your pants or jeans vertically, instead of on top of each other. This way, when you pull a pair out, you don't mess up the whole stack. It's easy to see what you're looking for and keep everything folded neatly.

Hang by Use

Divide your work pants, workout pants, lounge pants, and jeans with shirts of the same type on your hanging bar. Keep the things that you will need most often or in the biggest hurry, front and center. Everything else can go around them. This is a great way to keep things separated and ready to use.

Arrange by Color

A closet organized by color is not only easy to manage when you're looking for a certain pair of pants to match a certain top, but it also looks amazing!

Organize by Size

Does your weight go up and down? If so, you may have several wardrobes of all different sizes. Use size markers on your pant hangers so that you can easily find what you need when you need it.

About the Author: Jo Granville is on the staff of Only Hangers, a leading online resource for wood, bamboo or cedar pant hangers, and all types of clothes hangers. Only Hangers is recognized for the excellent quality and value of its offerings.