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It's that time of year again! The weather is starting to warm up and it's time to start spring cleaning. The garage is a great place to start because you will soon need to get to your lawn mower, weed eater, and other yard care equipment. It will also be time to store winter items away, so having a clean and organized garage is useful when doing your spring cleaning through the rest of the house.


It's That Time of Year Again! Get Your Garage Ready for Summer.


When you clean the garage, make sure that you clean underneath everything. Chemical and oil spills can create a safety or fire hazard. Make sure that all caustic substances are properly disposed of. Clean dust and debris out from around all outlets to avoid additional fire hazards. Turn the power off to the garage if you plan on using a vacuum or other static producing method of cleaning your outlets and light switches.


Clean all corners and make sure that scrap wood or wood pile debris is completely cleaned up. Insects and pests love living and breeding in piles of old wood or trash. Cleaning them out will help you to eliminate breeding grounds for pests that will inhabit your garage and enter your home. Check weather stripping around windows and doors to prevent them from having a way into and out of the garage. While you have everything out, go ahead and spray for bugs if you usually do. You can also use cedar blocks or cedar spray to deter pests and insects from entering.

Safely Store Clothing

Don't store clothes in cardboard boxes or tightly sealed plastic containers. Clothing needs to be protected from moisture, but mold and mildew can grow if any moisture is trapped inside. Use garage storage hangers, cedar hangers, cedar closet accessories, and a sturdy garment rack with a cover to keep clothes wrinkle-free and protected from the elements.

Prepare for Next Year's Junk

As you clean, pay attention to things that piled up on you over the year. If you accumulated a lot of scrap wood, think about building or buying a bin for the wood to be kept in. If you acquired new tools, make sure that they have a place to go. If you ended up getting rid of a lot of things when you cleaned, think about giving yourself an easy-access bin or chest for keeping things that you will want to give to charity or sell in a garage sale next year. This will help you to keep the area clear and organized year round.

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