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It is definitely time for some spring cleaning! However, it can be a little overwhelming. Where do you start? How much do you want to get done? How will you ever get it all done? The best way to go about getting your spring cleaning done is to give yourself a schedule and some parameters. The order in which you do things could be important too. Use this helpful list to get you moving in the right direction without wasting time.

1) First you need to get your regular chores done. If the dishes aren't done, then rearranging your cabinets may not last for long. You'll either be wasting time and energy doing it over again, or you'll be piling up those plastic containers that don't have anywhere to go, once again. You should take all of your dishes and figure out which ones can be stored together. You may decide to get rid of certain items that don't stack well, containers that are missing lids, or warped frying pans. Sometimes it's cheaper to replace your mix-matched mixing bowls with a set that stacks well instead of spending extra money on shelves and other organizational products for your cabinets.

2) Now, moving on to laundry. It's hard to get anything done around the house if there is laundry to be done. Once you get it all done, it's a good time to do those things that you may only have to do once or twice a year. Your washing machine should have a lint filter that needs to be cleaned ever so often. The drum also needs to be cleaned. Soap scum and fabric softeners can build up. Remove them by running a wash cycle with a bottle of white vinegar. If you have a front loader, you will most likely have a mold or mildew smell coming from around the seal. You may need to run a cleaning cycle with bleach in the water or use a product designed to get rid of the smell. Check the dryer lint trap and use a long handled brush to clear the path of lint. Check the dryer hose for lint and other debris and make sure that all the joints are fastened.

3) Getting laundry and the kitchen done are great steps towards getting your house in order enough to do all of those other little things that need to be done. Getting your closets in order can also be very helpful. Now is the perfect time to determine how you will get your closet in order. You may be able to add a few shelves and create some storage where you didn't know you had it before. This can be helpful in finding places to put things as you tackle your problem areas. Plus, your closet will be easy to use and look better too. Hooks, shelves, and specialty clothing hangers can help you to save space while getting your home cleaned up. A nice wood hanger or coat hanger can be used for heavier items while slimmer hangers can be used to save space.