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Purging. It can be the most satisfying and exciting thing to do in a craft room filled with stuff. Get hyped about your urge to purge RIGHT NOW! Spring time is the perfect time to give your favorite room, your craft room, a face lift. Use these tips for purging things that create clutter and keep you from enjoying your craft.


Craft Room Purge!

Are you notorious for getting fired up about little projects, buying everything that you need to do them, starting them, and then inevitably getting distracted from ever completing the task? This is an organizer's biggest challenge. You can organize scissors, glue, yarn, fabric and needles, but it's harder to make a place for an unfinished canvas painting, a half-sewn sundress, and twelve unpainted picture frames that you've glued together to create a collage.

When you're doing your spring cleaning, go through all of those old projects and supplies for projects and see if you're still excited about them or not. If you're like most crafters, you will only really enjoy a craft if it's something that you love. Maybe you loved that chunky yarn with the little dangly balls on it six years ago, but do you still love it enough to sit down and finish that knitted skirt? Attempt to donate things like this to schools or nursing homes. Participate in yarn or craft supply exchanges with your friends. Get inspired to do new projects by simply getting rid of the old ones. Sometimes it's okay to admit defeat and move along. If you're worried about "missing" the project, take a picture.

Get inspired by the new craft room you'll have after your purging session. A fresh coat of paint, a couple of interesting lights, some organization, and artwork can personalize the space and make you happy to reclaim your craft room again this spring. You'll feel fresh, light, and inspired when the purging is done.