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Hangers, hangers, everywhere, and so many to choose from!

It's nice to have such variety in clothes hangers, isn't it? They are, after all, such an important part of our wardrobes.

But there's a reason behind this variety, and it's not just commercial or aesthetic; it's also purpose-driven. Many a beautiful dress has been ruined, or a woolen top stretched beyond redemption, because it was hung on the wrong hanger.

So that you don't end up ruining any of your clothes, we've put together a mini-guide for you to pick up the most-suited hangers for your purpose each time.

Which kind of hangers you should opt for depends entirely on what you want the hangers for. Start by determining the sizes of the clothes you want to hang and the space for doing so in your wardrobe.

Here's some information on some of the most popular hangers and what they are best suited for.

Wooden Hangers


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Wooden hangers are extremely versatile. There's nothing that you can't hang on them and they continue to be of use even when you’ve grown tired of them in your wardrobe.

Some of their most common uses:

-For all your formal clothing (Shirts, blouses, blazers, skirts, trousers)

-For all your casual clothing (T-shirts, skirts, jeans, dresses, sweatshirts, hoodies)

-For all your heavy clothing (Coats and blazers)

-For your nightwear

-For your towels and bathrobes

-For all your kids' clothing

Wooden hangers may not be the best for:


-Stretchable fabrics

-Very delicate fabrics


If you don't want to buy separate hangers for them, your lingerie and other intimate clothing can also be hung on wooden hangers.

Hangers with Clips

These are ideal for sorting and organizing bottomwear.






-Kids' bottomwear

Not ideal for:

-Heavy clothing

-Woolen clothing

-Upper body wear

P.S. You could also hang your boots on them!


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Plastic Hangers

Plastic hangers are as good as wooden hangers in terms of versatility, but not so much in terms of sturdiness.

So consider these hangers to be just a rung below wooden hangers. Almost everything that can be hung on plastic hangers can also be hung on wooden hangers, but not the other way round.

Plastic hangers will take care of most of your everyday, formal, as well as special clothing. They are also better than wooden hangers for stretchable fabrics, though they too may not be ideal for this purpose.


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Overall, plastic hangers are best suited for:

-Light-weight fabrics such as cotton, polyester, linen, silk, and satin


-Kids' clothes


Not ideal for:

-Heavy clothing (may creak under the pressure over long-term use)

-Woolen clothing (may lead to stretching of the fabric)

-Body-hugging clothing (again, due to stretching)

-Clothing with straps (unless it's very light and the hanger has hooks to accommodate the straps)

Padded Satin Hangers


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Your lovely evening dresses with delicate straps need to hang on material that is equally delicate and can hold the clothes snugly in place.

Colorful satin hangers don't just preserve the delicacy and shape of your precious fabrics, they also glam up your wardrobe.

They are best-suited for:

-All your delicate fabrics-silk, satin, lace, wool

-Party dresses

-Lightweight shirts and tops

-Shrugs and light cardigans


-Night clothing

Not ideal for:

-Any heavy clothing

-Woolen clothing

-Formal clothing

Pearl hangers can be another glamorous and useful addition to your wardrobe.

Metal or Wire Hangers


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Wooden, plastic, and metal hangers all can be used to hang a variety of clothes, including kids' clothes. However, if your kids are very young, you may want to opt for smaller-sized metal and plastic hangers.

The metal hangers would be perfect for:

-Kids' shirts, jerseys, and sweaters

-Little girls' frocks, tunics, and pajamas

-Accessories such as scarves and belts

-Lightweight shirts

-Summer dresses

Not ideal for:

-Heavy clothing (the shape of the hangers may bend over longer use, unless the material is very sturdy)

-Woolens (may stretch the fabric)

-Any stretchable fabrics

Clothes-Specific Hangers



Though you can hang your favorite cotton dress on a wooden or a plastic hanger, you do have the choice of opting for hangers specifically designed for this purpose. Similarly, there are available in the market specialty hangers for:

-Your bikinis and all other swimwear

-Your neck ties

-Your scarves

-Your belts

-Multiple trousers

That's just a taste of what's out there. If you're big on accessories or are the kind who insists on separate storage for all your little wearable items, you might want to invest in the above. Just one tie hanger can take care of all your neckties. That won't just save space and look tidy in your wardrobe, you will also be able to find what you want without any hassle.

For Your Precious Jewelry


You're in a hurry and simply can't locate your pear studs. It's a distressingly familiar story. We keep misplacing our little trinkets all the time.

If you like your necklaces and earrings and hate the idea of getting them all tangled up and hence of no use in a hurry, bring home a jewelry organizer.

You can hang it inside your wardrobe and find whatever you need in a jiffy.

To Save Space

If you have a small wardrobe you would ideally want to go for nonslip slim-line hangers over the bigger and chunkier wooden and plastic hangers.

These will keep you clothes wrinkle-free and snugly in place, and also be sturdy enough to take on heavier load.

Thinner plastic hangers, wire hangers, and clipped hangers will also work due to their slim designs.

For those blessed with huge and spacious wardrobes, any kind of hangers would do.

Have any questions about hangers or how to best hang certain fabrics or clothes? Leave a comment and let us know.