Paper doilies are very inexpensive and can be used in tons of holiday decorating activities. Check out these ideas!

Make a 50/50 mixture of glue and water. Dip paper doilies in and stick them to the outside of a water balloon. Let dry, pop the balloon, and you have a beautiful globe to put around your Christmas lights. You can also use these as ornaments!


DIY Craft ideas for the Holidays

Doilies give that special touch to breads and cookies that are given as gifts. Put them in the bottom of your cookie tins. Fold them to fit in your loaf pans and then bake your bread as usual. They come out so pretty and the paper can simply be peeled off before eating. You can also use doilies inside of vases, yes inside of the water, to make them interesting and pretty. Cook cupcakes in homemade cups or glue doilies to the outside of votives to add a festive look to your home.

The possibilities are endless. Let the kids in the house help you to create beautiful snowflakes to hang around the home. With just a little creativity, you can have your whole house looking beautiful in no time!