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Did you buy your microfiber couch thinking it would be so easy to keep clean, only to realize later that every little drop of anything made a spot and attempts to clean it left water rings of grime? It was so frustrating to me that the more I tried to clean something, the bigger and bigger the water marks would get, making it look like our couch was trash after just a few months. Luckily, we found the solution.


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Make Your Microfiber Couch Look New Again!

I recommend trying this method on an inconspicuous part of a cushion before you attempt a large area, just to make sure that the color won't run or rub off. You never know. So far it hasn't affected the color of my couch at all, or any of my friends' couches that they've cleaned this way.

All you need to do is get some rubbing alcohol, a few sponges, and a bristle brush. I saw on one site where they recommended a white or natural color sponge and white bristle brush so that you are sure no color will be transferred to your couch. Probably a good idea.

Spray enough of the rubbing alcohol from a spray bottle onto the stain to fully saturate it. You don't have to drench it, but make sure that you have a good amount. This will break down oils and loosen the bonds between the dirt, grime, sugar, or stains and your microfiber.

After about 30 seconds of soaking, I start rubbing the stains pretty hard with the clean sponge. Swap it out for a clean sponge and continue. If you still see dirt on the second sponge, switch out for a third one. You don't want to wash it out and transfer water to the couch, so have several clean, dry sponges ready.

When you can't get any more dirt out, let it dry. Don't worry about the color looking darker at first. The alcohol will evaporate after a few minutes. When it feels dry to the touch, take your bristle brush and lightly brush the surface. This will pick up the fibers and make them look fresh and clean.

The first time you do this, you may get a ring of dirt around the area that you cleaned. Just spray that and keep going. Once the couch is all clean, you can just spot clean from time to time without much hassle. I do the surface of my cushions about every month and I don't get the big dirty rings anymore and my couch hasn't been damaged at all. It just looks new all the time!